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The goal of Built Strong is to assist you in reaching your fitness and health goals. We do this by taking a comprehensive approach in the services that we offer. In addition to receiving world-class fitness instruction whether it be in personal training or in one of our group fitness classes, our members will also receive nutritional coaching, performance tracking, community support,  and current wellness education.


We will provide a safe, fun, and motivating environment where our members and clients can grow in becoming the best version of themselves. Built Strong is a community of like-minded individuals who all value fitness and the freedom that it provides.  Whether your goal is making a huge physical transformation, getting off medication, improving your quality of life, preparing for your first 5k, or simply keeping up with your grandkids, Built Strong is the place for you.


"Together everyone accomplishes more."

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Working out with Coach Rob was a serious game changer for me. I have a long history of starting and stopping workout programs but finding his Bootcamp changed that. His encouragement and energy make it a perfect way to start my day! If you're considering a workout program, Rob's Bootcamp is a great way to get started and find an awesome community of workout buddies!
Greg Goforth "Burpee Killer"
Rob has the personality to put everyone at ease and able to work with members that have special physical issues. He is full of life, very energetic and wants you to succeed. He helped me with the proper post-workout protein drink and supplemental vitamins to take. I am stronger now at the age of 62 than I was at the age of 22. My abdominal muscles have been strengthened, and I’m more aware of my posture. Coach Rob is definitely a “10” and I would recommend him to all my friends
Melanie Fry "Muscles"